Nuachoai: Good Things in the Works

Seven years ago I started blogging as a way of exploring my own beliefs and perceptions, not really knowing where I would take it and what it might become. I started on LiveJournal, then Tribe, then BlogSpot before turning up here with this rather more elaborate vision. I’ve been working on redefining this vision by asking not what I believe, but rather what it is that I am really interested in sharing with the world — how exactly can I add to the radiant, chaotic panoply that is the glory of our world?

I would not be so vain as to think that the increasing rarity of my posts would prompt anyone of this blog’s followers to ask what I was up to, but over the last three seasons I have been realizing a different perspective of the web-presence that I am generating, slowly finding a halting voice in my other website: Seanchas san Fhíseain. I am now ready to “step up” this process of realization and shift from blogging as a personal exploration to creating a proper web-presence that I think will be worth sending out into the world.

The bottom line of this is that I will not be adding more posts to this website until ‘the new project’ will be ready. Everything here will be maintained as-is. I would like to express my sincere thanks to those who have read and commented on these musings here. This next year will be amazing as I launch the new site and explore where the new vistas will lead us.

Ave atque vale.


One response to “Nuachoai: Good Things in the Works

  1. I’ll miss reading your work here, but I’m glad to know it will be available elsewhere. It’s been very educational, and I have benefited from your explanations and explorations.

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