Pay No Heed to the Little Man Behind the Curtain …

Realizing that I have been neglecting my day-to-day affairs for the sake of the larger, eternal principles, I decided to try and balance my focus by bringing my consuetudinal blog ( back into focus. I’ve decided to bring a future-focus to it by adding a section called ‘Oakengrove’ in which I post my ideal visions of where I would like to be in the next few years.

I should also add that I have a further blog set up as a place to post short lectures and performances of medieval texts as a podcast. It’s title is Seanchas san Fhíseain, but its URL is Only the first cast is up at the moment — a reading of the General Prologue to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales — but I am planning on having one up every week or so from now on.

I am also toying with the idea of setting up a more informal podcast associated with Leanúint an Éscai, but that is only in the planning stages at the moment.


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