We return you to your regularly scheduled blog …

The last couple of weeks have slipped by almost without my noticing. The problem of course is that I get so excited about the posts that I am preparing that I then get sucked into the ‘real’ work of article- and book-writing. Finding balance after years of relocating and striving for various golden rings is of course difficult, and it has not helped adding yet another new project, namely another blog devoted to presenting traditional lore in audio-video format.

Ideally, it should dovetail with an idea I had for a Centre for Traditional Arts, but we will see. The title is Seanchas san Fhíseain, but the url is more straightforward (videoseanchas.wordpress.com).


One response to “We return you to your regularly scheduled blog …

  1. I sympathize deeply with your difficulty and I want to offer encouragement without reservation. I have had so many interests and such diverse creative projects lingering in hope for decades, awaiting time, energy, financial resource and the serendipity of synchronous providence. My regular solution is to try and live longer, to finish more work, but as time passes and I change and learn, the intents and concepts of the works alter. At least I’ve grown more accepting about it all being a process, which from time to time drops results like ripened fruit. Just keep going. I’ll keep reading.

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