A Snippet from the Past …

I have been back-posting entries to a blog that I kept some years ago on Tribe.net as a means of collecting myself for the upcoming Solstice. It is taking some time, but in reviewing them I came actoss one passage that is such a gem that I want to post it here out of context. It sums up every intention of mine …

I want to be in a place of music and laughter, cool green woods and streams. I want to live between walls of stone, behind wattle and daub and under thatch — under-ground, in the trees and behind waterfalls. I want to feel the swift rush of the forest wind against my skin every day, and taste meat I have drawn with my own hands. I want to compose poetry in the dark places of the world and watch the sunrise from the top of the tallest tree. I want to taste sweet liquors and smell the musk of animals around me — become drunk on song and sex and awake in the night to the sound of my family breathing around me.

I almost think I shouldn’t even list it here with commentary, but of course I will.


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