A Pagan Creed

I believe in the Wild:
the raw, untameable cascade of existence.
I believe in strength and beauty, power and grace.
I believe in the effortless unfolding and radiant concrescence of all that is.

I believe in the hidden wells of instinctive thought,
in the mindful patterns of all that is and breathes and moves,
and in the omnipresence of divinity in all that groans, dies, and is reborn:

For joy accompanies the strange, the marvellous and the unexpected;
peace follows on the emergent, the immediate, and the sudden,
And we know ourselves best
in the brilliant flash of the unknown
that casts our reflection in the mirror of the world.

I believe in the many gods
of leaf and blade, fire and storm, blood and wind.
I believe in the riotous maelstrom of divinity, the chaos of life
and the glorious, omniscient impropriety of existence.
I believe in the shadowed guidance of every soul and every mind
that everything in motion, being invested with an august divinity,
can lead us to the source, the font and the wellspring of all that is.

I raise my eyes to the moon, my face to the sun, and my soul to the stars,
that all beneath me, above me, and about may see that I stand
unbroken, unbent and unafraid
under the sky, upon the land, and beholding the infinite sea.


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