Aisling eile a-raoir

I had a dream last night that I was hovering over a black sea in the darkest time of the night and the darkest time of the year. It was cold, so cold that chunks of ice were floating on the surface of the water, but I was somehow ‘beside’ the physical world so while I was aware of the cold I did not feel it in physical terms. There was a massive ship – something like an aircraft carrier – floating not far away and it was illuminated by full moonlight washing over it.

Something happened then and I was suddenly with a female spirit who was ever changing appearance. Like faces in a hypnogogic vision, her form, clothes and face were constantly shifting though her body, spirit though it was, never lost either cohesion or presence. We embraced in a wild copulation that took us down into the sea, up into the heavens and across the surface of the ocean.


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