Geallach Ùr

This will be short. It just seems to me that this last month was so momentous that I need to somehow note its passing. The Vore Tullye has started tonight. It’s been a gorgeous two days of the new moon, and now the wind is picking up. The seas are getting rough. The’ve already cancelled ferries to North Ronaldsey expecting gale force winds tomorrow. Fo-fuasa fairgge findfholt – as the monk said.

I certainly felt the two halves of the month – noux and atenoux – over the last 29.5 days, but my senses are not so well honed that I could write here which was which or even what movements were occurring during them. My records in various journals seemed to naturally fall 3-5 days after the major points. Even this one is three days behind the new moon. Still, it makes sense. You note something after the fact. Nevertheless, it’s been exactly 31 days since an cù beag caught her first rabbit, and I cannot say that I have the same sense of renewal I felt then – a sense of turning. Neither has this month been so horrible as the month after the winter solstice, either, so that could of course have something to do with it. Perhaps there is a longer cycle in effect.

This is almost exactly three lunations – nigh to a quarter of a year – since the beginning of this dark period. At this beginning of the fourth month I wonder if perhaps the three months previous were a set and now things will be changing – iterating again. Whatever is happening and wherever we are going now, I must get some sleep to be prepared for it. For anyone who is reading this blog (and I do not expect them to be many), I will be moving to another venue before too long. The tribes I followed have been relatively inactive and it seems that my attentions have been elsewhere anyway.

The photograph by the way is one taken for Nasa. If you wish I can provide the url.


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