A Note for Later …

Gaulish Matronae

Over the past couple of days I was enjoying a gentle course of research into the Old Norse Calendar following any tangents into mythology that might come up when I came across an explication of the dísir and landvættir of the sagas. I was immediately struck by the resonance between the woman I’d seen on the early morning of March 20th (noted it in my entry ‘Aisling a roair’ for that same day — it is ‘Friends Only’) and the image of a dís. Now I realize that the term dís is a collective term that could apply to a wide variety of different things, but it certainly seems significant that the vision occurred on the first day of the vernal equinox last year. There are a number of observations that I would like to make, but I will err on the side of posting this and return to the subject when I know more.


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