A New Arrival

Back in August when I first returned from Canada where our latest addition to the family was born, I noticed a new rabbit amongst the usual suspects. This one was jet-black and moves easily twice as fast as the rest in a kind of sprint-spring: sprint-spring kind of way. Today (and, yes, the significance of the day has not escaped me) as I was working on rebuilding some of our low retaining walls, a massive raven came down from the North and spent the whole day just kind of snooping around. It was … amazing (NOT the right word at all) to see a real, full-grown raven instead of the hordes of hoodies, crows and rooks that populate the island.

I was totally unprepared for the hook of its beak. It was so like the depictions of raptors on early Germanic metalwork. Ah … I have nothing else I can say … just emotion.

(and no, the image is not the fellow here … just one I found online)


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