Here it is ten minutes to midnight on the Pacific coast, halfway around the world from where I now live, on the first day of the waxing moon, and this is me obsessing – yet again – about the Coligny Calendar. This calendar, like the Cailleach Bhérre, continuously draws me back again and again, but I always seem to end up frustrated, what with the crazy amount of speculation thrown about online (I particularly enjoyed the one ‘researcher’ who compared the dimensions of the calendar to the Egyptian pyramids and Maori architecture) and the paucity of research readily available (I still have yet to gain access to Joseph Monard’s books). Nevertheless, I inevitably print out my table of the months and start doing calculations, trying to tease out the solar dimensions to a system of reckoning that increasingly looks purely lunar to me. The one nod to the solar year that seems obvious is the use of intercalary months, but there’s no clear celebration of the solstices and equinoxes that I can see. They should show up as moveable feasts, their position in each year changing according to their position in the previous years.

Ok … I get it … enough’s enough ..


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