Changing one’s vibe …

It is an intersting experience to begin coming to understand the power of the mind over one’s body. I suppose this is where I have chosen to start, though I know the possibilities go far beyond. I have begun to realize, in the true sense of the word, what mind is capable of.

I have been 185 lbs for more than twelve years now. Working more and more with the law of attraction I have started developing pet habits of attraction in order to further strengthen my belief that it works. One field has been the weather, but I think I’ll keep those results to myself.

Anyway, about a month and a half ago I decided to really set myself toward changing my personal field so that I would be more … how shall I put it … trim. Apparently, for my height my ideal weight is between 160 and 175 lbs. I haven’t been 160 lbs since I was pubescent, but lo and behold, I weighed in yesterday at 161 lbs with no change in eating or exercise habits.

I will go into the other results and implications here later.


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