Hellboy II – Iontach!

WOW! I mean Wow!

Ok, so there was a lot that could have been done better. Sure the character development was campy. Sure the Elves were fairly derivative of LOTR. Sure it had the tell-tale Del Toro eyes in places where eyes just should not be.

But COME ON! The Elves were speaking Old Irish! What movie has actually gone to the trouble of having the Sí actually speaking the language of medieval Ireland – and yes, the actors butchered the pronunciation, and yes there were syntactic problems etc. etc. ad nauseum blah blah …

but …


… and … and … massive raven-headed elf-gaurds weilding Silent Hill, Pyramid-Head worthy butcher-blades … what’s not to love?

Oh, and tooth-fairies … really nasty mean ones ….


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