Be Good to Each Other

I received the folowing in an email from a good friend of mine and it has affected me more than it normally would:

Hi Gang:
Here’s a bit of the transcript from CNN Commentator Glenn Beck’s broadcast on 3/21/08:

“Last weekend I had to go down to Walt Disney World and — I mean, I had to. I was doing some work for the Children’s Miracle Network and they asked me to give a keynote speech and I also emceed their awards dinner for them and it’s amazing. It’s amazing to walk through Disney. My favorite part of Disney is probably most people’s least favorite part of Disney. My favorite part of Disney is Main Street. It’s when you first walk through those gates and you get off the monorail and you walk through the gates and you get to see Main Street and you get to see the Castle. And the reason why it’s my favorite part is because that’s where the magic happens for me. The magic doesn’t happen in the Pirates of the Caribbean, the magic doesn’t happen on the, you know, “It’s a small world” ride. The magic happens when you first walk in and you see that and I think the reason is because the magic of Disney is not in the audio-animatronics. The magic of Disney is you believe that the world is a happy place, it’s the happiest place on Earth. You believe that people are good to each other. The Disney employee likes their job, or at least that’s what you feel. They’re good. They make you feel good. They are always smiling. Maybe it’s fake. I don’t know. But you feel good and you have that moment of magic where you feel like it can be this way. The magic is you’re elevated into a higher place. You are elevated into a — maybe it’s a place of the past, maybe it’s a place that never existed, it’s just a place that we want to exist but it’s a place where people are good to each other.”

Just thought it was interesting…and I agree with him about Main Street and about where the real “magic” is around here.

Be good to each other!

Maybe my fires are simply low today. Certainly last night going out with my dog and seeing the crescent moon filled me with a vast array of scarcely identifiable emotions, and this morning has been more … low than I care to admit, but this email really stirred something in me. It’s not that I think Disney is a marvelous company – though it has some brilliant moments – but I think it’s that collective dream of everyone being good to one another that really touched me closely.

Isn’t that what all this is about on some level?

Aaaaach – I’ll have some bacon and feel better > All Hail the Sacred Pig!<


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