Some Points by Way of a Digression …

Good is tangible and evil is a temporary and fleeting state. Because of this, there are many goods that are perceived as evils. Innumerable instances of these misinterpretations are due to our present situation in time .i. that which hastens decay and dissolution is evil and that which promotes wholeness and order is good. This means that there are many systems of good and evil arranged along a hierarchy, at the apex of which all is good and at the base of which all is evil.

There is a hierarchy of being in which we occupy a medial position. Aristotle formulated the clearest determination of this in the fourth century BC and I have recently heard a poetic reformulation of this hierarchy in the following proverb: ‘God sleeps in the rocks, dreams in the plants, stirs in animals and awakens in us’. However pleasing, this proverb fails to recognize divinity as it is through itself: mind and power above time. This further implies that being is expressed in multiple forms and has several if not numerous facets.

The Ouroboros can easily represent both of these ideas above .i. the tangibility of good and the hierarchy of being. If it is held to express the hierarchy of being then divinity is the head and the simplest, smallest most simple being is its tail .i. pure being, as it were. We occupy the medial point. Likewise, if we map the good onto the Ouroboros, then we again occupy a medial position with our goods and evils at a balance. The head and tail represent the place where all-good and all-evil meet.

Marxist thought is just plain wrong. I know I might get some people in a sweat, but I know this for a fact. I suspect that our species will not realize this fully until some time in the distant future when it really doesn’t matter anymore, but it seems agonizingly plain to me. Perhaps I am in a position to see this more readily in academia, as Marxist thought has been the mainstay of academics since it was first conceived. Nothing belittles the human mind, spirit and aesthetic drive in humanity more than the Marxist insistence that culture, art and ideals of beauty are simply manifestations of a repressive class system that will ultimately be usurped by a basic, cultureless, collective society that will produce goods purely for the sake of their functionality.

I don’t want to get into a full apology for my view unless called to do so. This then will have to suffice: this does not mean that I am a capitalist (I am an agrarian if anything) but that I refuse that entire school of thought that automatically considers class systems evil, assumes that any previous period of history is simply a history of repression and denies the human species — and all reality ultimately — their inherent spiritual nature. Marxism is the worst kind of materialism.

I guess I could have avoided the anti-Marxism diatribe by simply stating that all physical reality is founded on and manifests out of spirit. There are several different ways this happens (the Cabbalists have found a marvelous system in the sephiroth), and modern physicists are just discovering some of the more basic ways.

I will continue my previous entry next time …


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