Aisling a Raoir

Something marvelous occurred last night.

Yesterday was a not very good day. Without going into many colorful but harrowing details, let it suffice that for a couple nights now I have been suffering from stress induced insomnia. Our apartment is quite small and our youngest still sleeps in her crib in our room, which is why at 5am and after more than a couple hours without sleep I moved into our other room to try and sleep on the couch. In a panic I lay there trying not to breath loudly as our other was sleeping not four yards away in his bed.

I was resting there on my side in a fit of agitation when the room seemed to shift, and a woman walked out of the shadows of our semi-attached kitchen. Her hair wasn’t really black, but the iridescence of a starling without any spots – all purples, blues and shimmering greens. She quickly came up beside me and rested her hand on my head, saying “You need to sleep.”

I tried to ask “what is your name?” but I was already losing consciousness and couldn’t speak. She smiled at me as I went under and, except for a dim recollection of my wife telling me that I could move into our bed as she was getting up with our daughter, I woke up much later feeling as rested as any whole night’s sleep ever brought me.

How that will effect my project of belief I do not know yet, but I think things are going to start moving now…


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