New Directions

This past Summer (almost a year ago now) I read the book version of ‘the Secret’ (see and was very much excited by the possibilities. The idea of the law of attraction seemed so – to put it in what little I know of our modern science-speak – falsifiable. Half-way though the book I decided to test it by seeing if I could ‘attract’ a check for one hundred dollars. Not only did one show up that evening, but another showed up the next day. I immediately started changing my outlook and, since then, it has become increasingly clear that it not only works, but … well ….

A week or two ago and in the mood for a good documentary, I went up to our local video-store and rented ‘What the Bleep do we Know?: Down the Rabbit Hole’. This took all the stuff I’d been thinking about regarding ‘the Secret’ and blew it wide open. So many things that I have believed and yet were contradicted by seemingly everyone else in the world were suddenly not only possible, but absolute fact. The question burning in my mind since I was first able to think in abstractions – what is the purpose of the imagination? – was suddenly answered beyond any expectation, but in total agreement with what I felt was true: imagination is the key to all reality.

With this has come a rapid fire succession of ideas, implications and experiences that speak to something big in the works and I think I will use this space here to write them down when I get the chance … a sort of esoteric journal.

Things are in flux and I am excited to see where they go.


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